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Businesses for the fall. Leading up to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. First there is Halloween. Many people buy costumes and decorations for Halloween. People buy pumkins and corn stalks as well as other decorations for both inside and outside their home. Which leads to an idea of decorating for others and getting paid. If you can make costumes or other decorations, including designing pumpkins by carving them or wraping corn stalks to sell. Buying products wholesale can be sold for a nice profit at flee markets, garage sales, online with ebay or at county fairs or swap meets. You can also sell products along with decorating for others, charging for both the decorating and the products you use to make a good Halloween display. This could be a good business because it can also mean decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
If you can make Halloween costumes you can make money selling direct to people by word of mouth as well as the was discussed above like at flee markets but you can also sell them to local stores that sell holiday decorations and costumes. Making costumes will probably be best for someone that has experience with sewing so it's clearly not for everyone. It's good for those that work with their hands. There are many idems that can be made for decorations that can be easily made for a low price.
It's not to early for Christmas sales. Many successful fall businesses have some connection with Christmas because so much money is spent for Christmas in the fall. People buy gifts and decorations to get ready for the big Christmas holiday.
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