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Great business idea is the gift basket business. Make gift baskets, all types from chocolate to specialty foods like ethnic delicacies. This is a business that great in your spare time. You can make up the orders when you have the time between doing other things like caring caring for others or other business interests. The profit may not be huge but it also be a fun business to operate. You will need to get supplies and reasonable prices. If you are a good shopper it can help. also if you are creative in the way you put together your baskets it will help sell them.
This is a good business because it will likely be profitable as soon as you begin to get orders. It will make sense to put some money out for supplies to get bulk order discounts. It's not likely to be a business that is easy. It takes works. The growth potential is there for those that want to make it a growing business and be even more profitable.
Look for other businesses that can offer your giftbaskets to their clients or customers. Local delis or food markets can offer your giftbaskets and you can give them a percentage of the sale. Local florists may be looking for someone to make up gift baskets. Florists often sell giftbaskets and would like someone else make them for their costumers. Even local restaurants or small pizza places may be willing to sell you gift baskets. Lunchenettes can have your brochure. There costumers will find it convenient to buy a gift basket during their lunch break.
Where would you sell your gift baskets? There are many avenues to make gift basket sales. Word of mouth is good but also you can leave your offering circulars in many places with permission. Of course the one thought is to sell on the internet. This can be done and is best used to complement your other marketing strategy.
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