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Home cleaning business is a business that can grow into a good money making business but only if you hire others. It's a business that you can start with no money or knowledge. All you need is the common sense to clean someone's house. You will not be able to charge high prices for this business and there is plenty of competition from those that will work cheap. Many foreigners take jobs cleaning homes because it's one of the few jobs they can find. They work cheap and often work for another that has the ability to get jobs. Some foreigners can't speak the language and are forced to work for others. This is not a get rich business and isn't very promising to make even a decent living. This is a good business for someone that doesn't have the knowledge to do a better business. You can make some side money and help pay the bills.
Home cleaning business is one for some people but not a good way to make much money. It's time consuming and you will not make much for your time. If making good money is your desire you will be better of cleaning businesses and offices rather than homes. Home cleaning is a business that low educated, usually foreigners are into because that's all they can do. The home cleaning business is best left to them.
The best chance you have to make good money is to expand and hire others. Be careful who you hire because they could ruin your reputation by stealing from your customers. You will also have trouble hiring competition people that will show up for work. You will be hiring from the least employable people looking for work. You don't have to pay them a large pay but the prices you can charge your customers isn't good either. You will need to be a good manager trying to keep your home cleaning business running and the profit margins thin. It may be best to do the work yourself.
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