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The junk removal business can be very profitable. There are many that want their garage, cellar, or attic cleaned out. Some want their whole house cleaned out because they are selling their house. Many times people inherited a house from a relative and need it to be cleaned out of a life's worth of collecting all kinds of junk. Many that inherited the house live in another state or just do not have the time to clean out an entire house and make it clean enough to put it on the market. There are plenty of opportunities to get business cleaning out other peoples junk. It's a business that may require some transportation. If you have a mini-Van, Van or a SUV it could come in handy for this business. It shouldn't take a lot of money to be in the junk removal business. You may have to pay for a garbage bin to cart away the junk. You will have to check local laws on what you can throw away in the garbage and what pick ups are for junk such as broken furniture and material that can be contaminated. You may need to pay for disposing materials. While you will need to know the local laws on disposing junk this is part of the reason others do not want to do their own junk removal.
The possibility of finding valuable products to sell makes this an exciting business to me. Although you are charging to remove peoples junk you can collect things that have value. There are also recyclable items you can sell for small amounts of money. Having a van to carry products will help with this business. It would be good to study what kinds of things have value and find collectors such as those in the antique business that will buy things from you. Building relationships with people to buy what you come up with will be a plus. The junk removal business is hard work and takes some smart thinking to make the most of it but it's a good business to make good money.
While many accumulate all kinds of junk that needs to be thrown away many also have things they bought long ago and have value to collectors. There are unlimited stories of people discovering things in their attics that turn out to be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Although shows like the Antique Road show and other shows like Cash in the Attic have made many aware of the possible values some items can turn out to be. Many don't have the time to look into what has value and what doesn't. The removal business can easily turn into another whole business for you selling antiques and valuables.
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