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Owning a lunch counter service business is almost like owning your own little restaurant. It can make you a decent living if you are in a high traffic area like an office complex or airport or some other high traffic area where people are looking to buy lunch every day will at work. The work is hard and you will need to pay close attention to your costs. A little knowledge of cooking is a must. If you can't cook anything this is obviously not for you. However if you are interested in this business it's likely you have a little ability to cook and willing to learn more about cooking.
The lunch counter business is a nice little business to run if you like to work with food and people. You will need to be people friendly no matter how busy you are. If you will one day want your own full service restaurant, a lunch counter business is a great way to learn and get the experience working with food and cooking for others. The business experience you will gain will help you in all other business you may do in the future. The lunch counter business is one that's right for those that are hard working and want to learn while making money. You may end up liking it and end up keeping your lunch counter business a long time.
In all food service businesses like restaurants and diners be prepared to work hard. one advantage of a lunch counter over a full restaurant is that the work takes place mostly during working hours. You will need to be prepared for the lunch time rush when you will be very business trying to get everyone their orders right and serve food in a timely matter. This is when the work is most hard but then it's clean up time. You can make some sales with coffee cold drinks and things like donuts to help bring in more money. But the main part of your business is giving people a lunch they will like at a low price. Workers aren't willing to pay high prices for lunch.
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