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Make money with twitter and Facebook
Is it possible to make money with social network sites like twitter and Facebook? That's the question many ask and many 'say yes you can'. There are many people doing it or trying to make money with twitter and Facebook. It's a developing field with many creating businesses to help others make money. Like selling the tools for panning for gold rather than trying to find a gold nugget. They sell software and auto-publishing systems that someone can post ones on a blog and the post will also publish on social network accounts. There are many "share buttons" where you can share what you find interesting and it posts to your accounts. So many are trying to have there message going out on a number of social networks sites. Everyone's doing it from large mega-billion dollar companies to the small work at home business or blogger.
If they are all doing it are the making money? A large company can pay someone to run their Facebook or twitter account and get some free publicity. They can easily make back what they spend and if it's a necessary marking tool they have it covered at a small cost. They have little to lose. Many businesses and those in the entertainment business want any publicity they can get so it's worth the time and money for the PR and being in front if their already existing fans or customers.
How to make money with twitter or Facebook? That's a hard question as so many are trying all types or unique approaches. If anyone comes up with a good way many others will soon do the same making it no so unique anymore.

Other online businesses, actually any business, you can use twitter and Facebook to help get some business or inform your customers. If you want your business to be selling on twitter and Facebook you will need a unique way and be very interesting to build a following. If your business is in entertainment or would benefit from publicity beyond a basic advertisement then it will be some help. Social networks are good for those selling the "sizzle" rather than the steak. It will take time yet little or no money at all. It would probably make more sense to have a different business and only use twitter and Facebook as marking tools but don't spend a lot of time on it. Major companies are putting a small some of money into it that it isn't much of a loss if it doesn't help much.
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