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Selling on ebay is a great place to get started with internet sales. Here are some of the basics in starting your selling on ebay business. You don't have to be a marketing expert or experience in business to make money on ebay. You also don't need to know a lot about computers, web sites or the internet. In time you will gain valuable knowledge of what sells and how to do it. Look around at how others selling on ebay for some pointers. Even ebay will help you learn and "how to" get started and what you need to know. Read on the ebay site how to open a selling account and the process to listing what you want to sell.
All you need to sell on ebay is a computer, internet access, a paypal account that ebay offers, a digital camera, and something to sell. You will need to package the products to ship but you can get help with shipping from UPS and companies that offer mailing services. You may want to do more yourself later by buying packaging supplies to cut you expenses.
Decide what to sell. This is probably the most challenging part. You can buy some products wholesale from wholesalers. Or you can gather things to sell that are used. Usually people start with ideas they want to get rid of and ask around if others want to get rid of some things they no longer use. Going to garage sales and be one way to pick up some quality things to sell. By searching, you can find merchandise that can be bought wholesale. You will likely need to buy a large quantity to get a favorable price so be selective when buying. Look around on ebay to see what the prices are of products being sold.
Keep tract of the your offers. How many hits you get and if it does well. Make changes in the way you offer your products. List the product and information about it. You will need to experiment as to the best way to do it. Look at the way others that sell a lot write up their products. A picture of what your selling is a must. Once you get a picture uploaded to your computer you can use it over again if you selling more than one of a product but if you have many different things to sell a low priced digital camera will be necessary.
People will pay you using PayPal. This is important because some people want to use a credit card and paypal can handle that for you.
The reason ebay is a good place to start selling on the internet is that it's much easier to set up and get started. Also, they bring potential customers to you. If you have your own web site it's very hard to get customers to even find your site and even harder to get people that are really interested in buying.
Good luck in your business.
It may make sense to select products that are not overly sold already on ebay. The more offers of similar products the lower the selling price will likely be. It's an auction, so greater supply may mean lower prices. It's good to be in a category on ebay that is active with many listings of over 1000. These active categories mean there are many that are interested in that type of products. They also offer the ability to open your own store on ebay. This makes a lot of sense when you have new merchandise to sell.   
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