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Is it possible to trade stocks as a business? Yes it is possible but you have to know what you're doing. This is a dream business and has many benefits including possible large profits. There is that word again, 'possible'. The reasons why it's a dream business are many. The hours are your own, you don't have to answer to anyone. The work isn't physical but it does take time. People that know even the smallest amount about investing in stocks or commodities wishes they could make a substantial amount investing. There is a lure to the excitement of wheeling and dealing, trading hot markets and making huge profits. The lure of huge profits often drives many bull markets such as hot new technology stocks, or a commodity like gold or even cattle and bushels of corn.
The question again is is it possible to trade the markets as a business. If you have some money to get into it you can possibly make some money but there is no guarantee to making a decent amount of money if you can make any money at all. The best ideas for businesses are ones that will bring you a stream of income for your work and knowledge. A smart way to get into trading the markets for profits is to start very small. Start with safer investments and see if you can first make a little money. Use the profits if you have them to make more trades but limit any loss. Meanwhile continue to learn about the market you want to trade.
Things that you will need to make money trading the markets are a computer and some tracking software of the market prices you are interested in. There is another thing you will need, money. And the money you put in can be lost. Another thing you will need is experience. You can learn to trade by trial and error but that can be very costly and you may very well lose a significant amount of your money before you give up the effort. Books are written on the subject that can help you. One that is good is from William O'Neal of the Investor's Business Daily called 'How to make money in stocks'.
The book helps you to gain knowledge of what to look for to profit but it's not a guarantee that you will make money even if you learn everything taught in the book. Many books have been written on how to make money in the market or commodities. No matter how much you know it's good to learn more from others so it's good to read all you can.
This is a business that you may end up making money with but it's a possibility and not something that many are successful with. Only a small percent of those that try make significant amounts of money. Keep your job or go into another business to make a living. Don't expect to make a business out of trading but if you are determined to try to trade the markets you can possibly be one that makes money. Maybe not a lot but some money. But be careful because you can also lose. 
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