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With summer here there are businesses that are unique to summer time. Because summer is already here any business you start would need to be quick to get started. One that easily comes to mind in landscaping or lawn cutting business. It is easy to start and a low cost business. In the summer time people usually go on vacations in resort areas.
In the summer you will often see large groups of people that are going to some kind of attraction going on. These people offer opportunity for businesses. People will be buying soft drinks, ice cream, hot dogs and other summer treats. These types of businesses often require permits and licenses so you would need to check local laws. Local businesses may be selling drinks and foods already but neglect that part of their business. One of these businesses may be willing to partner with you to sell such foods or drinks and add more products to sell. With creativity and enthusiasm attitude some people will buy what you’re selling. 
Others are looking for things to do where you live. Many businesses that sell or rent bikes, camping equipment, boats or fishing gear do every well in the summer months. It may take time to set up these type of business or it many cost money to get started, however these businesses may already be operating near you and they need supplies or help that you can provide. These businesses will need workers but that would be simply mean being hired by the business but they may very well be interested in something you can offer that you can create a business with. It can be a product or a service. Businesses need someone to do repairs on the products they offer. If they rent out bikes or boats or camping supplies these ideas always need repairs or maintenance that you can provide. Many summer businesses need work to make them look more attractive to possible customers including painting, decorations, and nicer attractive signs.
The opportunities are endless at summer time because people are looking for somewhere to spend their money and enjoy the outdoor weather. 
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