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Earn Money Writing on a Blog
Do you like to write? Now you can make money writing on a blog. It's like writing articles on topics that interest you. There are a number of places you can get your own blog. One is which is free. If you are looking to sell things on your blog you can get one for free at the Shopping Mall Forum's shopping blogs. It's good to register your own web site like at and having a blog on your web site. You can get a blog for your web site after you get that at but with a wordpress blog you will need to learn how to install it and it does take a little web building experience to do so. You can also hire someone to set up a blog for you.and a web site. This may be a good way to get up and running.
Using a blog is very easy. You can start writing your article on your blog almost immediately. Blogs have many features like adding links to other sites of interest and categories for your articles.
The first thing you will need to know is to decide what subject matter will you write on. This is usually a personal choice. Although some topics may be more profitable it makes sense to write on topics you know more about and can become an expert in the field. You will want to become the go to place for information on the subject your blog is about. If you can get visitors that recommend you to others it helps significantly to be successful. Other web site bloggers will link your site and mention it when they write on the same subject. The subjects you are most interested in you will find it more easy to write about and you may very well be almost an expert in the field before you start your blog.
How do you make money with a blog is what you may be asking. There are a number of ways. One is you can sell something on your blog. This may be a little difficult for most and a entire would be like starting an entire new business. Another way is to place ads for others. This is now easy to do. You can get ads where you make money as people buy something. You get a percent of the sales. Two well know are Linkshare and Commission Junction. They are free to join. Another great one to use is google adsense. They are also free to join. With Google Adsense you make money as someone clicks on the ad links. You get a small amount but it can add up if you get many people to visit your blog to read your articles and learn from you. Google adsense is probably the best one to start with. Probably the best money generator for your blog is with It's not for beginners however because they require a significant number of visitors to your blog to begin their use. But that is what you want to work up to. So you can sell ads to make money with your blog.
So, is this a good business to go into? It's a great at home business. You can write when you want to, when your creativity juices are flowing. It doesn't require someone approving your articles. You decide what you publish on your blog. The cost is very cheap to get started from a small monthly hosting fee to costing nothing with a free blog. On the negative side it takes time to make money. Many give up before they make much money. It's a great business, the blog writing business, if you enjoy writing on the subjects you are interested in.
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